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News from the NW Coordinators

Schedules, Sponsors and Promotions

By Dick Mann and Ed Parsons

We are looking forward to the fast-approaching season. We are still negotiating on a couple of other events and if everything works out, they will be added to the schedule ASAP.

Please note that the Spring vintage motocross at Hollister Hills SVRA is scheduled for Saturday, April 29. There will not be a trial. The Santa Clara Riders Unlimited club is promoting a modern cross country the following day, and there will be an AHRMA Northwest Regional Cross Country points-paying race for vintage bikes early in the schedule.

We are going to have a new end-of-season award for Northwest members, the Off-Road Sponsor award. We realize there are many older riders who still own competition bikes that are no longer being ridden. We would like to encourage those owners to sponsor a rider on their bikes. We see it as a win/win deal. Not only does it keep the bike owners involved, it will showcase their vintage motorcycles and hopefully introduce new members to different types of competition bikes, both motocross and trials.

The rules to qualify for the Off-Road Sponsor award are simple:

  • The rider must hold an AHRMA competition license. The sponsor must be an AHRMA member, either with a Competition or Associate Membership.
  • The sponsor must sponsor a rider, or multiple riders, in at least four AHRMA events during a racing season. The events can include one or several off-road racing disciplines (vintage motocross, trials and/or cross country). The riders can be from any ability level – Novice, Intermediate and/or Expert.
  • The rider cannot be a family member of the sponsor.
  • It must be a private sponsorship (not a motorcycle business sponsorship).
  • The rider cannot have held a professional motorcycle racing license during the previous three years.

It will be required that the sponsor keep track of the number of events sponsored and notify one of the Northwest Regional Coordinators, Ed Parsons or Dick Mann.

A good friend and early motocross competitor, Paul Hunt, was our inspiration for this award. In 2016, Paul let Ray Atkinson race his Cheney BSA single in the 70+ Expert class. They competed in the NW regional events and traveled to several Nationals. Ray won both the National and the NW Region titles.

Congratulations to Ray and Paul for your successes.

The Northwest Rider Grading Committee has observed several riders throughout the 2016 season. We want to congratulate these riders on their accomplishments in vintage motocross as they advance to the next ability level:

Novice to Intermediate: Mike “Mac” McCowan, David Stanton.
Intermediate to Expert: Russ Allen, Jim Buckalew, Tom Pelton, Mark Roler, Frank Vest.

See you at the races.
— Dick Mann (dickaymann@aol.com, 775.265.4904) and Ed Parsons (360.864.4834)

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